We are the chain

We produce advanced mechanical components from start to finish in our manufacturing plant. Our production combines expertise in both sheet metal - and machining technology.

Moreover we are specialised in advanced welding on exceptional materials. It might be rare to house the whole manufacturing chain in one production facility, but we are perfectionists and want to have full control over the end result. 
We’ll never settle for close enough, both our products and our personnel are top of the line. Our operational model allows us to significantly influence the quality of the final product, as we develop and monitor the entire manufacturing process ourselves.

The delivery process is faster when the product moves through each stage within only one factory.

As we specialize in components for the electronics, medical and aerospace industry, over 60% of our products are exported. We’re proud of our partnership with world leading industries, and therefore immensely strict when producing our metal components.


"We are looking for solutions and have
expertise in international trade."

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