Mechanical components for the electronics industry

Keymet Electronics manufacture different kinds of mechanical components to the electronics industry such as fastening plates, non standardized screws, cases, lids, bottoms and panels. Common to all these products is that they are manufactured by punching sheet metal and they can be produced with many different types of bends, holes, threads or moldings.

We powder and wet paint all products in our own factory. The surfaces can be treated according to client´s specifications and markings, codes and texts can be made with laser or screen printing technology.

When the products are ready they usually go directly to our customers for assembling of the electronics and therefore the quality requirements are so important. The products must not contain loose particles, they should not be scratched and all prints need to be clear and durable for safety reasons.

Hot or galvanized steel, aluminium and also stainless steel is most often used as material.

Keymet Electronics


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic


  • fastening plates

  • non standardized screws

  • boxes
  • cases
  • lids and bases
  • panels


  • bending
  • punching
  • powder- and wetpainting
  • welding (TIG, MIG, bolt, spot)
  • riveting
  • laser marking
  • screen-printing
  • various surface treatment options