Mechanical components for the aerospace industry

During several years, we have been a supplier of specialized products for the aviation and aerospace industry. We produce the most complicated and demanding products like mechanical components to WIFI receivers, ultralight aluminium boxes for satelites and Airbone Transponders. Other examples are parts for the EFB, smart mounts/cradles for iPads and Aircraft Interface Devices.

For these products we have very high quality and surface test requirements and the origin and traceability of the material are generally required. Even the screw heads angles´ are important in the process.

The products often contain different parts that are processed with both sheetmetal and machining technology. This combination of manufacturing methods in the same factory is rare but has proven to be successful and effective for our customers.

Complex products like these, one will prefer to purchase from a supplier who can produce and assemble the products themselves from start to finish. In that way one can control the manufacturing process and the origin of the material and if necessary, review the production conditions.

Manufacturing products for the aerospace industry requires us to have good contacts and channels for raw material. This is something that we have developed over the years and we have channels for special tools, plates and rivets needed for this industry.

To ensure the quality we always make prototypes for all demanding products.

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CNS VDL 6000 AIS Airborne System

This is an example of our production, using Sheet metal and Machining techiques for our client CNS Systems. The VDL 6000 AIS Airborne transponder is developed for aircraft installation for use in Search and Rescue (SAR) and coastal surveillance missions and greatly enhances surveillance of large areas. CNS Systems AB®, Sweden.

Keymet Aerospace


  • steel

  • stainless steel

  • aluminium

  • copper

  • plastic


  • transponders

  • ultralight aluminium boxes for satelites

  • mechanical components to WIFI receivers

  • iPad holders for the airplane cockpit

  • aircraft Interface Devices


  • five axis CNC milling
  • fully automatic CNC turning
  • welding (TIG, MIG, bolt, spot)
  • bending
  • punching
  • riveting
  • surface treatments: powder and wetpainting, nitration, chromium plating, screen-printing and laser marking.
  • packaging