We are not “either / or” - we are both

We have specialized in manufacturing sheet metal and machined products. We adapt our production methods as we go, in accordance to our customers’ requirements. We have chosen to invest long term into both technologies, as we want to produce and assemble our client’s products ourselves from start to finish.


When you have control, you know what happens in the factory

We are uncompromising and for us every detail matters. As a reliable company we insist that agreements are honored and therefore, our products are of excellent quality. We follow quality controls according to our quality certificates and internal quality processes (Six Sigma).


We are looking for solutions and have expertise in international trade

New products sometimes require new tools - maybe a new investment or specialist skills. We are constantly developing our products and processes in order to meet our customers needs in a best possible way. We are very familiar with international trade’s procedures so requesting quotes or entering into contracts with us is easy - we speak the same language.


Our staff are the experts

Highly skilled staff makes it possible to manufacture complicated parts and that is why we value proffesional employees. Together we solve problems as a team.


We look forward

We like challenges and search for solutions. We will work hard in collaboration with you. Contact us, when you are ready to step to the next level.


CEO Janne Vähäkangas