Keymet got quality approval from Global Eagle

For twenty years Keymet has delivered special products to global companies in the airplane industry. They produce mainly parts in aluminum needed to cockpits in airplanes, as consoles and iPad holders. In 2018 the company received an intern quality certificate from its largest customer – an approval from one of Global Eagles subsidiaries that Keymet have the best quality development among all their subcontractors. So, what is hidden behind Keymets sucess?

Keymet´s business consists of a broad production process with its own machining and sheet metal technology. When parts are to be delivered to the aircraft industry, access to both methods is required, and having these available in the same factory is extremly unusual for medium-sized companies. In addition, Keymet has its own painting and marking lines, as well as an assembly department in its factory.  

Keymet delivers complete products. In some cases, a product can consist of thirty different components. All of these Keymet can produce and assemble before they deliver the final product to their customer.

- We don´t depend on anyone else. They can handle the whole process on its own, under one roof, says: Sales Manager - Marizol Zamora.

This ensures that Keymet´s customers always get good quality products since they can perform all the steps in the production process by themselves. 

- We don´t need to hire subcontractors which means that we have control of the quality from the beginning to the end. As we have our own assemly department, the customer´s warehousing is also simplified, says: Janne Vähäknagas, CEO of Keymet.

Zero tolerance to lack in quality 
Keymet has zero tolerance to both quality deficiencies and accidents at the work place. Since Keymet strives for the best possible quality, a Six Sigma method is implemented in the production. This method measures defects per thousand units and allows you to strive for almost perfection.

- We always check each other´s work, and everything that leaves the company must be approved separately. All components have their own quality requirements. It can, for example, be a certain code on a specific screw. Not anyone will be able to do this since you need a long experience of the different components, says Vähäkangas. 

The long experience in the industy also contibutes to Keymet being able to help its customers from the beginning.

- Based on our experience we recommed to our customers how a product can be developed and which components we think should be used. We want to be part in the development already from the first stage, says Vähäkangas.

- When our customers send a design, we take the responsibility that the work will be done, says Zamora.

Low costs for the customer despite large investments
Keymet is a medium-sized supplier to the aircraft industry. Medium-sized companies that can deliver  complex and complicated products without intermediaries are unique in the industry. 

- This contributes flexibility to the client and since the number of employees is lower, the costs will not be too high, says Vähäkangas.

Despite the smaller size of the business, the company is investing wholeheartedly. If there is any machine that Keymet needs to manufacture a particular product, the company acquires the machine. Keymet has already access to specially ordered raw materials from United States, like screws and rivets. Which ensures that Keymet´s American customers will have access to the product material in their own country. 

- We have all the necessary knowledge and we know what requirements should be applied. Our customers are worldwide and we can go through with both simple, as well, as more difficult international contracts, says Vähäkangas.

Keymet is used to implement difficult audits and to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers. They have optimized their production based on this industry which allows them to give their customers exactly what they require. 

Long-term partnerships with high delivery reliability

It´s important As well as Keymet can guarantee products of assured quality they make an effort to keep long-term cooperations. They have cooperated with their current customers for a period from ten to twenty years.

- that the cooperation works long-term since the validation process can last for a whole year before one can start the production. We are one hundred percent open and we keep what we promise, says Vähäkangas.

Keymet can guarantee agreed delivery times with their customers, since the entire manufacturing process takes place in one and the same builing. Its delivery reliability is as high as 98 percent.

- We use a calculation system that ensures that the productions time is followed during all of our production phases, from the beginning to the end, says Zamora.