Machining parts for the large industry

We manufacture high quantity machining parts for international companies. Part of our manufacturing process operates 24/7, fully automatic. We turn parts with diameters from 1mm to 150mm, and our milling cutters are suitable for pieces from approximately 10mm3 to 150 mm3. These products are manufactured in the most complete way possible. Different parts are often combined with welding, before they are further processed. Typical products are for example; hydraulic blocks, power transmission components and shafts for jet engines. Our clients include companies from the energy industry to machine manufacturers. 

In Keymet we are used to contracting with international firms and mastering complex processes of bidding, ordering and delivery. In an addition to the normal agreements and quotations, we can enter into deeper agreements that include annual volumes and investments for a certain customer. For the most demanding parts, we always ensure that we comply with all details through proto series.



  • aluminum (most common material processed)
  • stainless steel
  • copper
  • brass
  • steel


  • transmission components
  • shafts for jet engines
  • hydraulic blocks