All inclusive!

From sheet metal to a finished processed product, both painted and marked under the same roof.
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We cater to the electronics industry by manufacturing various numbers of mechanical components.

Fastening plates, non-standardized screws, cases, lids, bottoms, and panels are examples of components that we produced.
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Precision makes perfect!

We offer series production on a large scale. And still, it’s all in the details.
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Adding the finishing touches in style

You’ve probably heard that we manufacture components from start to finish under one roof. This is the end station for sheet metal components before they are carefully packed and shipped to the customer.
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WI-FI on airplanes doesn’t come all that easy.

And we at Keymet play a small part in the process as we manufacture WIFI-receivers that are installed on airplanes to pick up internet signals.
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Updated ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Keymet´s quality management system has been successfully renewed. The renewed certificate is valid for three years. Our company´s system was properly reformed without any deviations.
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Keymet – Green Values

At Keymet we find environmental issues important. We want to take responsibility and have control over the company´s environmental impact.
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 Collaboration with Omnisys and NASA's project GUSTO

Keymet is proud to announce about the collaboration with Omnisys and NASA's project GUSTO (Galactic/extragalactic Ultra long duration balloon Spectroscopic Stratospheric THz Observatory). Keymet have been given the honourable mission of producing mechanics for the GUSTO- project.
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Interview with First Officer Krohn

Our project manager for Airplane industry, Marisol Zamora met for an interview with Airbus A350 First Officer Christian Krohn. Keymet produces Ipad holders for EFB that are used by pilots in the cockpit and the aim with the interview was to get better knowledge of how our products are used and what future products we could produce for the airplane industry.
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